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Victims from terroristic acts, we do respectfully remember and pray for their consolation of departed souls.
   Our goal is to build a bridge of relation through exchange of sculpture as well as oil painting activities and also to create dialogue all over the world in establishing peace and communal and cultural harmony, to make this matter more transparent and clarify our objective to produce our ideas before every country all over the global world, among governmental, non governmental organizations as well as general masses and also create dialogue with them and raise a main objective in building and establishing proper life with context of religion ethics. Recently my solo exhibition on this aforesaid matter held in Japan and Bangladesh which received tremendous appreciation in fact the people all over global world are unifying in the ethics of cultural and communal harmony.The ideology of every religion is to control as well as to build proper peaceful life .


  For an example to say all over the world all people have one destination but in fact in different ways go to the same destination. Our destination is one but we have lots of ways and every way is created in the barometers of peace. This 

    To implement such program government, non-government, as well as general masses participations much seriously needed.I am giving gratitude those who participated in my third series exhibition and also to come under the sky appeal for communal and cultural harmony, to establish a peaceful global world.  Rajib Siddiqui 


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